Welcome Volunteer!

Qatar Volunteers is a national voice for volunteerism in Qatar. Since 2008, we have been committed to increasing and supporting volunteerism and community participation. We collaborate closely with NGOs/ Corporate to promote and broaden volunteering in the State of Qatar.


Aims to adhere to the principles, goals and objectives of the Qatar National Vision 2030 and to mobilize an inclusive, pro-active and professional group of volunteers to engage in meaningful, community projects throughout Qatar.


Creating platform for newcomers to Qatar, who see volunteering to gain new skills and experiences or socialize and meet new people and learn about local cultures. Driving Social Sustainability by actively supporting the capacity of current and future generations in creating healthy and livable communities. Partnering with sports associations by assisting in organizing sport events to make it successful.


Involve local and expatriates to build a strong and connected
communities to create a vibrant Qatar